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Are you tired of spinning your wheels trying to come up with creative copy to lure your buyers in?

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Make no mistake: Doing all the work that is required for a good, highly converting listing is an arduous task. It takes a lot of time and could end up being nerve-racking. Especially for a beginner, who has no experience in selling on amazon it can be like trying to boil the ocean.

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What Our Packages Include:

  • Creative, competition-proof, ready to upload listing copy that sells like hot cakes: Full title, 5 bullet points and 250 word description
  • Professional, up-to-date keyword research and in-text optimization with the highest ranking, most relevant keywords that will position your product above your competition
  • Search term report – The most profitable search terms for your amazon back-end area
  • FREE html for the description section of your listing to increase readability
  • Competitor research – We look into your competitors’ weaknesses and strengths to give you valuable insight on how to outperform them!
  • Customized PPC keyword list specifically created for your product to help you structure great PPC campaigns
  • Eye-catching lifestyle pictures to grab your clients’ attention and make them love you and your product
  • All the way, from start to finish, outstanding customer service to keep you 100% happy


Why Work with Us?

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